At ISNAD, we offer clients three aspects of consulting which are flexible anough to meet our client's needs to requist them either individually or as a while package.

Management Consulting

Marketing Communication

Engineering Consultancy

About us

Not everything refects and embodies the essence of its name, yet we do, ISNAD (i.e. SUPPORT) is the brand name of our organization, and consultancy is our service provided by our experts for those who with to develop their businesses; thus, our mission is to support the success and business of those who seek our services.

with an ambitious futurevision, we started at the begining of 2014. We are very accurate in our production, for we aim to succeed in the end result of the work we do for our clients; we have no other choice but to do so to make our presence felt in the world of prestigious business and consultancy companies. Since we deal with clients as partners, we do not risk undertaking a business task that costs clients some charges unless we guarantee the positive returns that he/she seek, Our goal is for the client to succeed, not just to make business and secure some financial gains, for we strongly believe that the client's success is the means that well bring him/her back to us.

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To be a complete and comprehensive consultancy and training network;to support the success of various business and investment sectors that we work with in the local and regional market;to provide comprehensive, integral and effective solutions so as to raise the added value and competitiveness of our clients and effectively contribute to their success.

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